Sizing & Fit

Tips for Scottish Country Dancers

As a general guide James Senior straight-lasted dance shoes require to be a half or whole size bigger than UK outdoor shoes whereas James Senior right/left lasted dance shoes are generally generally the same size as UK outdoor shoes.

We can accommodate most width fittings and the width of the foot will influence the choice of shoes, e.g. Ghillies: Strathspey v. Jimmy's Fancy v. Braemar v. Braemar Wide or Pumps: Princess/Princess Royal v. Duchess/Duchess Royal v. Royal Scot.

This is only a general guide as much depends upon the dancer's own individual preferences in terms of general comfort v. a snug tight-fitting shoe. We always advise customers to purchase their shoes 'fitting like a glove' because, with all high quality soft leathers, there will be a degree of easing and stretching with the warmth of the foot in the early life of the shoe. Very quickly the shoe moulds to accommodate the shape of the foot and if the shoe feels very comfortable, loose or falls off easily when new it will eventually become too big and baggy for the wearer.

Ideally new dance shoes are best worn around the house for a short time, prior to dancing, to achieve the best and most comfortable fit.

Customers who are unsure of their size are welcome to send us a foot tracing  and we will do our best to match the tracing to the nearest shoe size. Always stand barefoot on a hard surface and ask someone else to draw around your foot, holding the pen in a vertical position to ensure accuracy. Attention should be paid to marking on the paper the tip of the big toe and the back of the heel and then carefully marking two points acoss the ball of the foot at the widest point. We are then able to measure the length and the width of the foot from these points and match your measurements to the sole of your chosen shoe style. You must advise us if you insert a further insole/orthotic into your shoes as an additional insert normally requires a half size bigger or more, depending on the thickness of the material. In addition, let us know the size of your previous James Senior dance shoes, although it has to be noted that if they are a snug fit now you may require a half size bigger as the old shoes will have stretched to fit over time.

Care should be taken if scanning and emailing a foot tracing as accuracy can be compromised. In these circumstances please tell us the actual measurements in either inches or centimetres.

We are happy to send different sizes of shoes together to enable you to try the shoes at home, compare the sizes and make an informed decision to find the best shoe. Then simply post the unwanted shoes back to us, unworn, at your own expense.