Drawstring elastic                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Drawstring elastic in James Senior Pumps should be knotted at the front at all times to avoid being accidentally pulled through the binding at the top-line of the Pump. Drawstring elastic is inserted into the binding casing during the manufacturing process when the upper of the shoe is still flat. Drawstring elastic cannot be re-inserted into the shoe by St Andrews Shoemakers Ltd if accidentally pulled out.


When lacing a Ghillie with a front toe loop care must be taken to avoid twisting and tearing the loop itself. Insert the lace through the loop and then into the first eyelet before beginning the criss-crossing to the eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe.

Cleaning Chrome Suede Soles      

After every wear James Senior chrome suede soles require regular cleaning with a stiff wire brush or coarse sandpaper to restore the nap on the surface of the sole as it may have become compressed and shiny with dancing. Apply firm pressure to remove the build-up of dirt, varnish etc and restore the soles of your shoes to an almost-new appearance.

Detached suede soles  

The suede sole may become detached from the upper at an edge if it is caught on the dance floor, carpet etc. A small repair can be carried out by the dancer using a small amount of contact adhesive. Do not use Superglue  as this can make the surfaces brittle.

Drying and storing shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

During normal wear dance shoes are subjected to a consirable amount of foot perspiration and must be dried and aired in a warm room, avoiding direct heat, between wears. All James Senior dance shoes are supplied with a cotton storage bag,  free of charge, which allows the shoes to breathe after wear. Some dancers may experience black dye discolouration on the foot due to excessive perspiration. This will cease over time but can be overcome by spraying the inside of the dry shoe with a commercially available waterproofing spray.

Caring for leather

During regular use, feed the leather regularly, using a proprietary leather shoe cream.