How do I use the site?

Using the site is easy. Choose the shoe category that you think will suit your needs. Select from the list of products. Choose your size and colour where appropriate.

How do I decide between a straight-lasted shoe and a right/left lasted shoe?

Straight-lasted shoes are a narrower fitting and fit either foot when new, gradually stretching and moulding to the shape of the wearer's feet in a short time to produce a beautiful neat fit.

Right/left lasted shoes are wider across the ball of the foot and fit the right and left feet from the start. they will also gradually strtch and mould to the shape of the wearer's feet.

Many dancers change from a straight-lasted shoe to a right/left lasted shoe as the width of the foot changes.

Do I pay for delivery?

Yes, delivery in the UK mainland using second class mail, normally take between 2-4 working days. shoes can be despatched by 1st class mail if requested. Also see delivery info for more information.

Do I pay for returns?

Yes, the customer pays for all returns. We suggest you obtain proof of postage. Please see delivery info for more details.

What is the free shoe bag?

The free shoe bag is a cotton bag with drawstring ties, ideal for storing dance shoes and for carrying them to dances/classes.

Can drawstring elastic be replaced if it has been pulled through? No, the drawstring elastic is placed in the casing during the manufacturing process when the upper of the shoe is still flat.