Shock Absorbers

St Andrews Shoemakers Ltd was the first manufacturer to develop the concept of an in-built Shock Absorber in a dance shoe back in 2003 and the Shock Absorber is now standard in all James Senior shoes today.

The in-built Shock Absorber is a high-tech solution offering protection for your hip, knee and ankle joints against damaging shock waves from today's hardened man-made surfaces. In addition the small joints of the metatarsal area - the ball of the foot - are protected from serious pain, discomfort, strain and minor injury, frequently sustained during rigorous dancing. Our specially designed Shock Absorber insoles protect the entire metatarsal area so please be aware of other manufacturer's attempts which result in protection for only a narrow area of the foot and not the entire metatarsal area. 

Having trialled a range of products over the years, and with its proven track record, Poron is the material of choice and the specially designed Shock Absorbers are added to the shoes during the manufacturing process, ensuring that they cannot move around or loosen inside the shoes. Shock Absorbers cannot be added later to shoes or purchased as separate insoles.

In selected shoes for Scottish Country dancers we have introduced a Super Shock insole, using vivid yellow Poron XRD extreme impact protection technology to protect the entire foot.

In selected straight-lasted shoes for Highland dancers we are gradually introducing our unique Shock Absorbers for the entire forefoot area only, improving the curved fit at the heel of the shoe.

Shock Absorbers do not affect the integrity of the shoe design, as the material itself is so thin and is added during the construction of the shoe, so there is no need to take a larger shoe size.

Shock Absorbers do not affect the dancer's balance or 'feel' for the floor.