The Leeds Golden Collection Book & CD

The Leeds Golden Collection book is a collection of dances devised to commemorate the 50th anniversary the RSCDS Leeds' Branch.

The accompanying CD with music by Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band includes music for all 12 dances and an additional track for the dance 'South from Oban' from the Leeds Branch Tenth Anniversary book.

Currently Out of Stock

  • Charles Ogden's Jig J 8x32
  • Golden Arc R 8x32
  • Shirley's Strathspey S 3x32
  • The Leccamore Jig J 8x32
  • Jacqui Watson's Strathspey S 3x32
  • All the Eights J 8x32
  • A Twinkle in his Eye S 4x32
  • Nifty Ninety R 3x 32
  • Scarborough Castle S 8x32
  • The Cooper Children J 8x40
  • Candyfloss S 3x32
  • Jovial Jack R 8 x 32
  • South from Oban J 8x40